a different sort of post

February 17, 2010

i can’t bear to do a negative, thinspo-loaded post today, so i won’t. welcome my brain’s positive ish:

^ for some reason i’m really enjoying this picture. maybe it’s the camel. i mean, i prefer llamas but i consider myself a camel-fan… and i’m LOVING that little crocheted thins on his nose.

anyway, i found it on this blog:


it’s been my source of entertainment for the last couple of days, along with Heroes, which i’ve been watching via netflix.com

i’m on season 2 and i’m hooked! i here it gets worse but now apparently there’s a new writer so it’s better…?

i don’t know. but i’ll keep watching regardless because of milo. he’s why i started watching in the first place. you see, i disliked him on gilmore girls because i found jess annoying. like, really?!? stop doing bad things! but i hadn’t hit puberty yet, and i think that’s necessary to get the full effect, because it wasn’t until i re-watched gilmore girls a couple of months ago that i realized how stunning he is. i mean, really! i’ve seen and/ or known plenty of men who are good-looking or cute or hot, but only two who are really– well– beautiful, and he’s one of them. and i don’t mean just the face, but the whole being.

he’s the kind of person who artists dream about. a muse…

so, yeah– um, heroes. good show. haha 😉

erm… ok! so i think next year i’m going to go vegan. i just feel like it’s the right thing to do– like vegetarianism isn’t enough. i can do more and i WANT to do more. i’ve been feeling increasing bad about eating animal products and i wouldn’t if my parents would stop practically force-feeding me and complaining about how i’m so hard to cook for. (not that i ever ask to be cooked for. i can fend for myself)

i’ve been taking a lot of pictures, too. mostly of the snow. i wanted to get a good one of the flakes falling, but my camera’s new, so i couldn’t figure out which setting to use. i’m enjoying experimenting with it most of the time, but sometimes i REALLY want a shot, and then it’s frustrating.

sorry… i’m kind of new at this whole positivity thing. if i decided to try this more i promise to get better at it!

but before i end the post i have a really random question: if you could go anywhere in the world for a couple of days (no time-traveling or anything like that), where would you go?

i was thinking ireland or france. maybe germany.

where would you go?


i’m baaack!

July 11, 2009

hi, everone! it’s been a really long time!

so i went to this college thing. i didn’t want to go, but now i find myself missing all the friends i made there. go figure.

i also made a lot of progress. there was a lot of walking to and from class, and i got to choose whatever i wanted during mealtimes. the system seemed to work; by the end of 5 days i looked in the mirror and felt really proud.

unfortunately, now i feel fat again. it could just be my unflattering, baggy-ish, travel jeans though. let’s hope.

anyway… i think you and i are both waaay overdue for some thinspo


i love this outfit too! i just bought some socks like that


441 <— i want these calves!!!

448<— and these arms!!!

so… i hope you’ve all been well. i have to rest up for some more traveling.


i’m bored and there’s internet access here (yay!) so i thought i’d come on.

i’ve spent most of my day in the car, so i’m not looking my best, but i did something good today: i said no to lunch. i wasn’t hungry, and my mom was picking up some stuff, so i just said no thanks. i felt very powerful. 🙂

and it really helped my calorie count, since we went to such a fattening place for dinner. 😦 but it seems like that’s all i’ve seen here so far on the hughway: fast food places and not-so-healthy restaurants. not the best choices to stop at, imo. i’m looking for some sushi… or thai! but it’s not like the choices would be much better elsewhere. urg!!! i hate traveling sometimes.

sorry… that was a stupid rant. ignore it.

anyway, i was looking around on the internet when i came across this site:

a girl who commented suggested that wrapping plastic wrap around certain areas when you run helps you lose weight. is that true? because then i’ll DEFINITELY wrap some around my thighs. lol

now i’m dying to run more than ever!!! i want to try this plastic wrap! too bad my asthma medicine didn’t come and now i’m on vacation. here’s hoping that it’s there when i get back.