a different sort of post

February 17, 2010

i can’t bear to do a negative, thinspo-loaded post today, so i won’t. welcome my brain’s positive ish:

^ for some reason i’m really enjoying this picture. maybe it’s the camel. i mean, i prefer llamas but i consider myself a camel-fan… and i’m LOVING that little crocheted thins on his nose.

anyway, i found it on this blog:


it’s been my source of entertainment for the last couple of days, along with Heroes, which i’ve been watching via netflix.com

i’m on season 2 and i’m hooked! i here it gets worse but now apparently there’s a new writer so it’s better…?

i don’t know. but i’ll keep watching regardless because of milo. he’s why i started watching in the first place. you see, i disliked him on gilmore girls because i found jess annoying. like, really?!? stop doing bad things! but i hadn’t hit puberty yet, and i think that’s necessary to get the full effect, because it wasn’t until i re-watched gilmore girls a couple of months ago that i realized how stunning he is. i mean, really! i’ve seen and/ or known plenty of men who are good-looking or cute or hot, but only two who are really– well– beautiful, and he’s one of them. and i don’t mean just the face, but the whole being.

he’s the kind of person who artists dream about. a muse…

so, yeah– um, heroes. good show. haha 😉

erm… ok! so i think next year i’m going to go vegan. i just feel like it’s the right thing to do– like vegetarianism isn’t enough. i can do more and i WANT to do more. i’ve been feeling increasing bad about eating animal products and i wouldn’t if my parents would stop practically force-feeding me and complaining about how i’m so hard to cook for. (not that i ever ask to be cooked for. i can fend for myself)

i’ve been taking a lot of pictures, too. mostly of the snow. i wanted to get a good one of the flakes falling, but my camera’s new, so i couldn’t figure out which setting to use. i’m enjoying experimenting with it most of the time, but sometimes i REALLY want a shot, and then it’s frustrating.

sorry… i’m kind of new at this whole positivity thing. if i decided to try this more i promise to get better at it!

but before i end the post i have a really random question: if you could go anywhere in the world for a couple of days (no time-traveling or anything like that), where would you go?

i was thinking ireland or france. maybe germany.

where would you go?



February 7, 2010

I had yet another sunday weigh-in and now i’m at 102.8. first i was happy about that because the number in the ones place was one less, and then i was angry when i realized that the number as a whole was only .2 less (1/5 a lb) but then i remembered that i’m probably at least somewhat bloated because of the time of the month, so then i was happy.

and then i had 1000 cal worth of mexican food, and now i’m sad. 😦

i still have time to do some exercise, though, and the rest i’ll make up tomorrow. plus, i’m sure that number isn’t the most anyone’s eaten during the super bowl, right?

^beautiful calves!

any vegetarians out there?

August 17, 2009

i know i’m one! 🙂

for moral reasons– not so much health reasons, ironically.

if you aren’t one, i don’t judge (i’m not like that 😉  ) but if you are, i found a very useful website, happycow.net

there’s forums, chats, restaurant reviews,… it’s vegetarian/ pescatarian/ frutarian/ everything else like that haven.

in other news…

i ran today. and it was HOT. there was literally a heat warning, so i had to wait until the sun went down a bit, but it was still over 100.

and there were these weird kids on skateboards who don’t even live in my town following me. :-/

and i saw my kind-of-friend’s parents walking their dog and had to say hi and how are you? and all that jazz WHILE i was still running.

but i did it, and i finished in full sprint. 🙂

and you know what? i did that whole breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth thing, and i think it was good for my asthma.

ugh. i really hope i’m in shape enough to handle preseason/ tryouts…

new subject? great!

July 30, 2009

so… i went running today for the first time after that field hockey practice. my back felt a lot better, so i figured it’d be ok.

and it was. i mean, it was painful; my legs still kill. but it was ok. it was manageable. aside from the intense cramp that i got that made me think that my appendix was rupturing…

so yeah. good times.

tonight, i’ve been invied to dinner. like the queen. but OMG i’m sooo freaking scared/ anxious! they’re family friends, so i have to figure that it’s about the food. i mean, i have to assume that they’re cooking and i’ve never had their cooking. and i’m vegetarian. and i’m on a diet.

AHHH! how am i going to get through this? should i take a tranquilizer? i think that would be best; sometimes i’m rude when i’m having an anxiety attack and i wouldn’t want to spoil their day.