c’est moi

December 11, 2010

this is what i look like right now, at 102.8, a weight that i’ve remained at for many moons… and one that makes me uncomfortable, as i really really really want to get back to the 90s. when i left for college, i was at 93! hopefully, some of this is muscle from all the crazy hills here and the walking i’ve been doing. and the occasional visit to the gym (i REALLY need to start going more. next semester).

and NOT weight from the beginning of some Freshman 15 fiasco or the crazy high-cal days i’ve been having: like, around 2000 cal. at home, at school… i’m not sure what triggers them, but that isn’t going to matter, for i’m not going to let them happen again. i’ve been doing really well this past week, so… yeah. i’m gonna best this, or whatever. (i’m tired.)

side note: i’m actually starting to think that my scale may be broken, because my guy friend likes to weigh himself on it from time to time and he’s REALLY tall and weighs a lot more than me, and when my brothers were here, they weighed themselves and one of them claimed he weighed 10 lbs more on my scale. (the other said nothing, but he usually doesn’t.) so hopefully that means i weigh a bit less than 102… though i fear i may weight more, for i’m not a fan of what my stomach and thighs have been up to lately.

so, yeah. that’s annoying.

and if you saw the stack of paper that i have to read in order to do well on my anthropology final, you might cry. and i NEED to ace this final because anthropology is my thing. it’s what i do, who i am, all that jazz…

and now my printer has run out of ink. oh, joy.

BUUUT luckily i’m going home on wednesday for 5 WHOLE WEEKS!!! no homework, classes, tests… just hanging out with my family and my old friends. and watching tv. and eating healthy, home-cooked meals (thank goodness my mom is trying to lose weight at well! not that she knows i’m trying to lose any…), and perhaps a bubble-bath or two? (i haven’t had one of those in ages…)

so… cheers to that! and i hope all of you who are having finals now aren’t stressed out too much 🙂

a tout a l’heure (when i WILL post thinspo)


because i’m lazy and tired

September 15, 2009

here’s what i ate today, since i’m not sure what else to write:

brown rice bar- 100 cal

juice box- 95 cal
crackers- 70 cal

walking- -100 cal

gnocci- 400 cal

which brings me to a grand total of 565.

but she was still hungry… ( if you haven’t read theat book, i recommend you do ;))

so now i’m going to go eat something more.


besides from actually having work this first week (wtf?!? jk…) i’m glad to be back because…

it’s SOOO much easier to eat less than 1000 cal. i keep getting in the 900 cal range which i like. not unhealthy, but gives me a pretty darn good deficit. and i’m not irritable/ faint. good stuff 🙂

and walking from calss to class? it’s exercise! how did i not realize this before?

i bet i burn at least 100 cal walking to classes and to and from my car, etc.

loving the “school” diet plan 😉

pre-preseason practice

August 18, 2009

i went to field hockey today. we played for about 20 minutes and then ran the rest of the 2 hours. my friend is injured so she had to stop a few times to walk (especially going up hills) and i wanted to be nice, so i walked with her.

it’s nice to be nice, but part of me wanted to keep running– to burn more calories and get a better workout.

then again, i was already sore from practice and we got some extra chat in, so i don’t know.

well, i DO know that i did the right thing. that’s what friends are for, nay?

and i’m gonna run tomorrow– extra, to make up for it. in fact, i’m hoping to drive to the track so i can time my 3 mile, since we’re gonna need that for tryouts.

geez, i’m nervous for that. sprinting’s going to be a MESS– especially with my asthma. the whole stopping and starting thing makes my lungs go crazy. ugh.

but no sense dwelling on it now, right?

change of subject: has anyone shopped at modcloth.com? i kept seeing ads on all these fashion websites and got really pissed off so i clicked on one… and then heaven appeared. it is seriously a gorgeous store. it seems to have TERRIBLE sales and the clothes aren’t dirt cheap, but they’re not heinously expensive either. as soon as i get paid, i’m gonna order some stuff and see what the quality’s like. 🙂

thinspo (yay!)

May 31, 2009

it’s been way too long since i’ve posted any, so here’s some thinspo:

ones of my faves

ones of my faves




i’m kind of pissed today because the calorie counter bracelet i ordered from ps evolution STILL hasn’t come. i mean, it’s been multiple weeks so i’m assuming it has to be made?

ok, i guess i’m a bit too impatient. i’m just really excited for it! what if it changes my life?


cliff bar- 220 cal

matzo ball soup- 500 cal :-/
soda- 50 cal

cheesecake- 800 cal 😦

pretzels- 50 cal

walking- (-) 350 cal

which brings my total to 1270, which is alright. i DO have a deficit today (unlike yesterday) but it isn’t a big one…

happy day!

May 24, 2009

today was a good day. i went into the city with some friends and shopped (and bought A LOT of stuff) and got some jamba juice. i hadn’t had any since two summers ago, but the one i got was sooo good! it had (if i’m not mistaken) blueberries, rasberries, strawberries, and soy milk, but i’m allergic to strawberries so i substituted those for more blueberries and WOW. amazing. AND healthful, right? so i felt good about that one.

AND… guess what? we ended up walking for 6 hours! that’s pretty intense, no? and at a decent pace… i mean, you’re not going to just mosey around a store, right? you have to be quick and get to the good stuff before anyone else. (i’m a pretty intense shopper.)

but then i got home and my throat hurt so i had ice cream… but it was good, and i’ve been sick, so i dont know…

my total ended up being around 1200 cal. it’s not great, but it’s not terrible. and i got a lot more exercise than usual, so that’s good. and i had fun… i haven’t had real fun like that for so long. sad, isn’t it?

so all in all, things turned out pretty well. 🙂