my paper’s at its brain-vomit stage right now, and as a perfectionist, i HATE this stage. i’ll admit it’s pretty neat for brain vomit, and if i combine a few of the paragraphs i have right now and add some quotations, i’ll have a pretty decent start to the body-portion (as i have yet to write my introductory paragraph)… but this stage takes a lot out of me. it really does.

luckily, school’s cancelled tomorrow so i’ll have the day to work, but i’m determined to finish tonight so that i can just relax.

anyway, i needed a break and thought, what’s a better break than posting some thinspo for the nice people of wordpress? and then i realized that there is no better break (aside from things that i shouldn’t be doing… if you catch my drift. not that i’m a big  rebel or anything because i’m not. i have friends who are, so i’m not against it, but that’s not my style. i’m more passive; i enjoy the fantasy but am too afraid to live in the reality)

^ jenny is the best GG thinspiration, in my opinion

this one, i REALLY need to comment on. i’d seen bloggers going on about jessica stroup’s style and how skinny she is and i FINALLY understand and have decided to try to watch 90210 if i can find the time. i guess i’m a jessica stroup convert, so you’ll be seeing much more of her. and don’t you just love the before and after, here? it gives me hope 🙂

hurrah! i’m going to eat an orange and get back to work!


inglourious basterds

September 7, 2009

i saw the movie last night, and boy was i impressed! the writing was fabulous, the cinematography was beautiful, and the acting was terrific.

in honor of my new favorite movie, here are some pictures of diane kruger, who i initially went to see the movie for (i LOVE national treasure). who knew she spoke so many languages? also very impressive!







from the movie:






parting words: go see this movie! seriously. you won’t be sorry. unless you don’t like blood… but then you can just cover your eyes. 😉


check it out:

poetry submission

August 13, 2009

i submitted a poem to PR Unfriendly. i hope it gets posted… and i hope that if it is, you guys like it! i wrote it rather quickly, but it was one of those things… i felt like i had to get it out RIGHT THEN. do you know what i mean?